made up some 2.5” stainless twin pipes a month or so ago, shits pretty loud so didnt have them on at the last track day but theyre going back on for the next one whenever that might be

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getting the rx7 back together for the first round of the irc series on the 1st and 2nd of october, the engine still needs to be put together and i need to make another exhaust and some door cards and stuff so i decided while everything was getting freshened up a little i would make up some new catch cans. They arent quite finished yet, still need brackets welded on and some fittings welded onto the larger one but ill leave that untill the cars over at work and i can get it all fitting in the right places.

The small one is an overflow for the radiator and the larger one will be an oil catch can

And heres how the car is sitting at the moment, its just been painted so the flares and stuff still need to go back on

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More 86 day

 Heres another video from the track day at taupo the other week, as always another sweet video from olly at

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Day of the 86

Made the trip down to taupo again a couple of weeks ago for another drift day. Being 86 day it was mostly made up of ae86s and old toyotas with the exception of a few nissans and a couple mx5s. The weather was pretty shit and drifting in the rain sucks but it was good for the guys with not alot of power and drifting is drifting at the end of the day so it was still enjoyable.

Had a couple of problems with my car on the day which wasnt the best but since i finished it nearly a year ago it has been trouble free and has taken everything ive thrown at it so it was about time something went wrong i guess. Right from the 1st session in the morning my handbrake wasnt working, we adjusted it up and got it to work for a little while but was still average, drove for half the day and then the engine cut out and wouldnt start. managed to get it to start but would only run for around 30 seconds at a time so i packed everything up and watched for the rest of the day.

Havnt really found too many photos of my car from the day but max from put together this fucking cool video

and heres a quick picture from of me following tarran and brendan in thier 86s.

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super duper slack

Again ive been real slack with updates and a few things have changed since last time i did an update. Attended a couple of drift days with the s15, one was a private day at one of the tracks in taupo this would have been the best track day that ive ever been to. The day was so relaxed and fun and was full of cool cars and cool people.


Also did a cone day at meremere which was alot of fun


I managed to get a full m sports kit that was on a mates s15 for a good deal so ive gotta get some paint on that and then it can all go on properly

I got around to fitting the skyline rear brakes ive had lying around for about a year aswell so the car now has a drum handbrake which seems to work pretty well so far and also fitted some alluminium subframe collars. The next track day for the car is in 2 weeks at taupo track 3 which will hopefully be as good as the last time i was there. Ill try not to be so useless with updates and get a few more up but i cant promise anything.


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Been pretty slack with updating the blog with what ive been doing so will try and get some updates coming over the next few weeks. Since my last post the s15 has had a fair bit of work done it, i got the car over to my work and got to work on the cage and a few other things that needed tidying up. Once that was all done i sent it off to a mate to have the interior and cage painted and then i started putting everything back together. Im pretty happy with how it all turned out, have had a lot of positive feedback about the cage and a lot of people wanting me to do work for them so its good to know people like the work ive been doing.

Heres a few pictures of the cage while i was doing it and the car in its current state.

was going to use the brix as a passengers seat but a second hand zeta 3 popped up so decided to grab it so i was able to take passengers at track days etc.

Just getting everything ready for a track day in taupo this weekend which im really looking forward to so theres just a few things left to do but should all be sorted by the end of this week.

thought id post up this picture of me doing some donuts in my go kart after a race a couple of years ago just for the sake of it.



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spent a couple of hours last night pulling the dash and roof lining out of the car, just have to remove the windows from the car now and order some tube so i can start on the cage

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